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Fake News and anti-Trump media bias

Why the border wall must be built

Jewish Studies Scholars reject Jerusalem Recognition?

Thanksgiving: A Communist Plan?


Why they Hate Trump

Three of a Kind, Islam, Communism, Nazism

Why Hitler and Marx hated the Jews

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We’d be insane not to hire Donald Trump

Big Apple’s green light for terrorists

Shock Claim: Obama worse than a Communist

Is the Tea Party anti-Government?

Obama warns: Support “Palestine” or more blood will flow

Time to open the Kennedy Assassination files

Tea Partiers akin to Nazis?

Uncle Ho and the Two-State Solution


Moscowitz Archive: Enter Stage Right

Augusto Pinochet — hero of the Chilean people

Saddam was right – “Palestine is Arab”

The many faces of Barney Frank

Carter sold out Iran

America’s original terrorists

How communist is public education?

Sobran’s Jewish obsession

The communist background of the United Nations

Home schooling goes mainstream

“Jordan is Palestine and Palestine is Jordan”

Why not invite a patriot? A letter to the graduating class of 2002

Arabs recognized Israel – 1919

The Four Horsemen of the Frankfort School

Why do they hate the Jews?

Self-loathing Jew

Fallout from Sex Education: 1965-2000

The Assassins

Communist background of the American Civil Liberties Union

Barney Frank and the law of unintended consequences

Jews and Guns

A Jew Examines the Holocaust

Enthralled by Cultural Marxism
Four Horsemen of The Frankfort School

The Communist Public Education System


59 Socialists in Congress

Hitler and the Palestinian Arabs

Communist Background of the American Civil Liberties Union

Fanning the Flames of Racism

News With Views: Can a Leopard Change its Spots?

Jury Nullification


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Bannon Tax on Liberals

Trump Inaugural Speech is “dark”…for the left.

Presidential Lies

One-State Solution for Israel?

Election 2016: Did the Democrats cheat in California?

Micro-agression crackpot theory

Liberals take on Trump

Is Trump the post-racial president?

Black Lives Matter should protest the left

Is Socialism Jewish?

Two Faces of anti-Semitism

Jewish Lives Matter

Why the Crusades Failed

Is Islam in Crisis?

The Chanukah story

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New Holocaust Book misses the point

Sam Blumenfeld Literary Foundation

Sam Blumenfeld at 89: Conservative writer and phonics advocate

Why the Christian Crusades failed

Is it ok to criticize Islam?

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Common Core Textbook Fraud

Is there a Grand Conspiracy?

Elizabeth Warren: Corrupt Corporate Hack

Carter Sold out Iran 1977-1978 

Was Karl Marx Satanic?

The Assassins

The Origin of May Day

The Lincoln Controversy

Barack Obama, His Minister, and the Wellstone Funeral

American Gestapo

Makings of a world-wide surveillance state?

Israel should annex the disputed territories

The Left, Fidel and moral equivalance

Did communists infiltrate the Catholic Church?

Can a Leopard change its spots? (written shortly after Sept. 11, 2001

The Left-Wing War against women

Joe McCarthy vindicated, again

The Nazism of Abu Mazen

The Communist Public Education system

Are the Top 1% richest Americans liberal? 

Hate crime at Rutgers University

Was Hitler a Communist?

Why not invite a Patriot?

Kissinger to Nixon: Jews to the gas chamber

Was Nation Magazine pro-Stalin?

Are Public Unions Necessary?

The crime of voter fraud


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Hit Jobs

Nazis and Arabs and Dickbags…Oh My

Apes evolved from Conservative Talk Show Hosts

Tufts Observer: Morse Code

Firm gets big cut of campaign donations
GOP candidates see little of funds raised; Some clients, donors unaware of numbers By Frank Phillips commentary on “Was Hitler a Leftist?”

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Media Matters: WND Solves ‘Mystery’ of Why People Think Obama Is Muslim