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Moscowitz: Radio Host

Charles Moscowitz has hosted radio Talk shows at stations in Greater Boston, at WMFO-Tufts University, on the USA Radio and the American Freedom Networks, and on Boston Neighborhood Network (BNN).  Moscowitz now hosts on YouTube and syndicates on several networks. The former CEO of City Metro Enterprises, author and columnist Moscowitz majors in Sociology at the Bunker Hill Community College and he drives Uber and Lyft. Known as a conservative intellectual, Charles Moscowitz is available as a guest or as [...]


Moscowitz: Author Page

Author Page at Amazon Books The Art and Science of American Money Reaping the Fabian Harvest A Trump Manifesto Assassination in America Communism is not dead Darwin Day Was Hitler a Leftist? Cause of the Nazi Holocaust? Review: Acorn – The Takeover of America On the Jewish Question The Art and Science of American Money American Testament – The Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution – Keys to America’s Future     Islamo-Communism: The Communist connection to Islamic Terrorism More than just killing Jews Call issued to stop Communist smear campaign ACORN: The Takeover of America The [...]



Charles Moscowitz is a Sociology major at Bunker Hill Community College A Sociological Theory of Trump Derangement The American people and their organizations and associations traditionally recognize the right to exercise free speech and Americans expect to function in a relatively tolerant mileau, one that protects the open expression of legitimate and rational opinion to a high degree. In this context, political debate between opposing sides might become fierce, degrees of propaganda might be employed and, as such, credulity might become [...]


Moscowitz: Congressional campaign 2004

A Chance to Serve: A Republican runs for Congress in Massachusetts A Massachusetts Conservative in the Cradle of Liberty: My run for Congress in Massachusetts 2004   BARNEY FRANK AND THE LAW OF UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES: HOW THE FRANK AMENDMENT HELPED TERRORISTS GET LEGAL VISAS  BOSTON GLOBE: FRANK CHALLENGER STEPS UP CAMPAIGN EFFORT Ben Shapiro: Barney’s Frank is cooked It’s official: Chuck Morse vs. Barney Frank in 2004 New Bedford Standard Times: Morse says, Don’t Judge a Book by it’s cover Gadflying: Chuck Morse takes on Barney Frank Boston [...]


The Nazi Connection to Islamic Terrorism

Moscowitz Author PageHitler’s Compatriot Lost In History The Nazi Connection to Islamic Terrorism WND BooksThe Washington Times: Undeniable historical links Recalling the Man Who Inspired Hitler Swearing on the Koran: Beyond symbolism The Nazi Connection to Islamic Terrorism: Adolf Hitler and Haj Amin Al-HusseiniNetanyahu’s Nazi speech didn’t go far enoughThe Real link between Hillary Clinton, terrorists and NazisNazi Underground in the Middle EastPC Holocaust Museum challengedAuthor says Muslims should acknowledge Islamic violenceClassic Nazi-Islam Book is BackAre the Palestinians a distinct people?The Long March [...]


Moscowitz: Column-Blog

The Charles Moscowitz Letter Fake News and anti-Trump media bias Why the border wall must be built Jewish Studies Scholars reject Jerusalem Recognition?Thanksgiving: A Communist Plan?Why they Hate Trump Three of a Kind, Islam, Communism, Nazism Why Hitler and Marx hated the Jews Time to open the Kennedy assassination files We’d be insane not to hire Donald Trump Big Apple’s green light for terroristsShock Claim: Obama worse than a CommunistIs the Tea Party anti-Government?Obama warns: Support “Palestine” or more blood will flowTime to open the Kennedy Assassination [...]


About Charles Moscowitz

Boston based Charles Moscowitz is an award-winning veteran Radio Talk Show Host, author, and the host of the Charles Moscowitz Podcast. Moscowitz majors in Sociology at Bunker Hill Community College and he drives Uber and Lyft. hosts the Moscowitz livestream and podcast and archives over a thousand podcasts and blogs. is a home for conservative opinion that includes media and other listings of interest to conservatives. ##### VETERAN CONSERVATIVE RADIO PERSONALITY CHARLES MOSCOWITZ HOSTS THE “CHARLES MOSCOWITZ PODCAST” Charles Moscowitz, one [...]

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