Moscowitz Academy

Moscowitz Academy

Learn how to write and publish a book

How to Win an Election

Improve English, Public Speaking

The Trump Movement and Legacy

Join Charles Moscowitz for an open-ended discussion and debate about the impact of President Donald Trump on American politics and culture. We will discuss the movement that he so ably launched.

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How to Win an Election

This is a step-by step guide for the housewife, house-husband, teenager, empty-nester, retired person or any American who is passionate about a political issue and who wants to run for local office.

Author, Podcast Host, former congressional candidate Charles Moscowitz offers this handbook along with personal one-on-one advice and encouragement, via a 90 minute private Zoom meeting, where he will help you to create a blueprint for your campaign and he will assist you by reviewing your issues and by helping you to formulate a winning strategy.

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