Coronavirus Preparedness

Coronavirus Preparedness

The Coronavirus is a world-wide pandemic that is particularly lethal for those who are over 60 who is in poor health. It is highly contagious. As we shelter and reduce our possible exposure to this disease, we are learning about preparedness which used to be a way of life for Americans.

Following is information that might be helpful. Checking in with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention regularly is a great place to start. I will continue to post more information as I go.


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


Anti PM2.5 Breathing Mask 


Stem Enhance Ultra

I take this product from Cerule and I can personally report amazing results. This product, which is a naturally derived stem-cell enhancer,  works for many if not most people over 60. As we get older, our bodies tend to produce less and less stem-cells. Stem Enhance Ultra appears to assist the body’s inherent ability for long-term self-renewal by supporting the natural release of bone marrow stem cells. It concentrates and combines extracts from nature’s most primitive super-foods, fresh water micro-algae and marine macro-algae, providing the body with the ultimate in stem cell support.

Survival and Preparedness

Firehawk Flashlight

Preparedness Gear

Survival Food

Immunity, Dr. Fuhrman

Survival MD

Firelight Offer



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