Moscowitz: Radio Host

Talkers Magazine Trump 2020 Gold Plated Coin  Veteran award-winning talk radio host Charles Moscowitz has hosted radio programs at stations in Greater Boston, at WMFO-Tufts , at the USA Radio Network, the American Freedom Network and Boston Neighborhood Network (BNN).  Charles Moscowitz now hosts on YouTube and subscribing platforms. The former CEO of City Metro Enterprises, author and columnist Moscowitz majors in Sociology at the Bunker Hill Community College and drives Uber and Lyft. Known as a conservative intellectual, Moscowitz [...]



Charles Moscowitz is a student of Sociology at Bunker Hill Community College A Sociological Theory of Trump Derangement The American people and their organizations and associations traditionally recognize the right to exercise free speech and Americans expect to function in a relatively tolerant mileau, one that protects the open expression of legitimate and rational opinion to a high degree. In this context, political debate between opposing sides might become fierce, degrees of propaganda might be employed and, as such, credulity might [...]

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